Non Religious Ceremonies, Rituals and Celebrations

There are times where we invite change into our life, change that we anticipate and celebrate. There are also times where change enters our life unexpected, uninvited and often unwanted.

Dealing with change is not always easy and the traditional ways may not match our needs, wishes or lifestyle.

For those who feel the need to celebrate change in a personal and meaningful way, JaYesTa offers individually tailored non religious celebrations, rituals and ceremonies. I do this in a way that is inclusive to all, transcending cultures, age, gender and religions.

All ceremonies and celebrations are personal and of great importance for those involved. Therefore, my mission is to create an atmosphere that is inviting, warm and sacred.

The name JaYesTa is a combination of YES is three languages, Dutch, English and Irish. It is an expression of the heartfelt desire to embrace life and all that it may bring. Change is inevitable in life and can sometimes be painful. However, embracing all events fully eases the pain and creates space for growth, for enriching our life and that of others.

Ceremonies can be celebrated in almost any venue, both indoors and outdoors. Having a ceremony in a place that is meaningful to you, enhances its force. You can choose your own home and/or garden, a hotel, a beach, a forest or even a boat, the choice is yours although consultation is appreciated.