Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming Ceremony
To celebrate a child’s uniqueness and welcome it into our family

The birth of a child binds people and families together in a way that is both unique and irreversible, bringing change that is far reaching and immensely diverse.

In a baby naming ceremony we welcome the child into our life and publicly commit ourselves to raising him/her, to love, protect, provide and educate him/her and to respect their individuality and uniqueness.

It is also an opportunity to formally introduce our child to our family, friends and community in a celebration in which we literally create a space in which the child may take root, grow and flourish.

Although called baby naming celebrations, they can be easily adapted to celebrate the arrival of a child, or indeed children, in special ways or circumstances as e.g. adoption celebration, fostering celebration or the celebration of accepting the care for your partners children from a previous relationship into yours.