Wedding Blessing Ceremony

Wedding Blessing Ceremony
To celebrate the love and commitment between two people

The public commitment of two people to dedicate their love, respect and time to a mutual future is worth a special wedding blessing celebration. Traditionally this commitment is celebrated in a wedding ceremony but time has come to expand traditional scopes and possibilities. Maybe;

  • You wish to have a specially tailored blessing ceremony to follow your registry office wedding.
  • You do not (yet) want a formal/legal wedding but do want to celebrate your commitment to each other and your relationship.
  • You wish to give your engagement a deeper or more formal sense of commitment.
  • You want a same-sex commitment celebration.
  • You come from different religious and/or cultural background and you wish to honour both in your commitment celebration.
  • Your relationship has gone through a significant crisis and you wish to strengthen and/or re-affirm your commitment.