Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Ceremony
To celebrate the life of loved ones and to acknowledge their loss

A memorial ceremony celebrates the life of a loved one and the gifts that they brought to our life at a point where we most clearly feel their loss. This may be done during the final goodbye, a hugely important moment that is traditionally conducted within the framework offered by formal religions, but it is not necessary limited by this.

A whole new concept is to celebrate one’s life and love and to express appreciation and gratitude at a time when death may be imminent but not yet here. In this celebration we can mention all those nice things we say at funerals whilst they themselves can hear them and surround the person who is about to leave us with love, gratitude, support and a profound knowing that their life has had a deep meaning and will resound within the lives they have touched.

If you want to celebrate the life of a loved one, JaYesTa offers the opportunity to do this in a way that is most comforting and meaningful to you. Special attention will be given to the needs and wishes of those directly involved, in particular children, to ensure that a sense of closure is achieved.

Memorial services can easily be adapted to celebrate anniversaries or (special) birthdays.