Trauma Healing Ceremony

Trauma Healing Ceremony

Traumatic events are all events that suddenly, radically and often violently alter our life, our future and our perception of reality. Although definitely life-changing, they are seldom formally acknowledged within traditionally ceremonies and rituals. Often people around us, our closest family and friends are incapable of helping us deal with the impact the event had on our life.

Traumatic events may include (but are not limited to):

  • Accidents resulting in the death of others or in permanent injuries to others or our selves.
  • Life-threatening illness and/or the recovery thereof.
  • The diagnosis of a (severe) chronic illness.
  • Being the victim or witness of a burglary or robbery.
  • Being the victim or witness of an assault.
  • Experiencing a fire.
  • Being the victim of rape or sexual assault.

Within a trauma healing ceremony, those life-changing events may be acknowledged, grief can be expressed and a new responsibility with commitments to our self and others can be taken.

Therapy or counselling may help you deal with issues arising from the traumatic experience before you feel ready for a closure ceremony or ritual. This is quite normal and is highly recommended.